A Book That Changed My Life

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When getting ready to leave for college, I had expressed to my grandmother about my interest in learning more about how to save and make money. And since I come from a family full of great businessmen, my grandmother gave me a book that was passed down in my family from my great grandfather, who started our family car business. The book she gave me was called Rich Dad Poor Dad and follows a young boy as he learns how to invest money, creating and owning a business and the improvement of one’s financial aptitude. As I read about how the boy came to learn all of this, it allowed me to gain an understanding of how business should be constructed and the setting in which it should be handled in. It also gave me the knowledge of how a business should be managed, the proper ways of investing your money to start a business and what to do after starting that business. The book also expressed the importance of financial literacy, which helped me learn the significance of being able to understand the way in which business men and women communicate. During and after reading this book, my eyes were instantly opened on the multiple ways I could use the information I had learned from the book in my day to day life. While I may not have an interest in starting and running a business at the moment, I feel that this book has some really great information for anyone who is just wanting to learn a little bit more on how to spend and save money responsibly. Before reading this book I had never understood how great the impact could be on one’s life if they knew the correct way to spend, invest and save their money. I’m glad that my grandmother’s suggestion to read this book gave me the chance to learn how to take the money I was spending and put it towards my future.

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